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What adjustments do the San Diego Chargers need to make?

The San Diego Chargers have lost their last two games and are sinking fast in power rankings. What adjustment is needed to help the team get into the palyoffs?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I swear these videos are getting funnier every week.

So, what adjustments do the San Diego Chargers need to make to get into the playoffs? They need to change their offensive line.

Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy inherited a team last year that was neither talented nor deep. They took that team to the playoffs through a formula of improving the offensive line, taking pressure off of the offensive line, and drafting rookies that could immediately contribute. Their attempt at copying that formula this year has not worked out well.

The rookies Telesco has drafted this year have had a difficult time staying healthy. The guys he drafted last year have either been disappointments this year or injured (or both). When you look at the players on the field, this team is not too different from the one that got Norv Turner fired.

Health is not something that the team can fix, but the poor offensive line play might be. Running the same guys out there every week, with Chris Watt occasionally rotating in for a series, and expecting the same results is stupid. It's time for some drastic changes.

Anything from making Chris Watt the starter at center to making D.J. Fluker a starter at guard is available to the team, and with the bye week coming up, it's time for the team to tinker.

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