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San Diego Chargers CB Jason Verrett to miss significant time with shoulder injury

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San Diego Chargers rookie CB Jason Verrett re-injured his shoulder in Thursday's loss to the Denver Broncos and will reportedly miss significant time. How much will the injury affect the defense?

Doug Pensinger

The injury bug continues to bite the San Diego Chargers. This time, San Diego fears they may have lost their 1st round pick for an extended period of time, per NFL insider Mike Garafolo.

Jason Verrett has been playing at an extremely high level, but hasn’t been able to stay on the field. A popular phrase in football is “your best ability is your availability.” That’s something the whole team has struggled with this year, specifically the secondary.

Leading up to the game it was believed that Verrett would be inactive. Verrett ended up starting and played well before leaving about mid way through the 2nd quarter and never returned. It’s pretty obvious how much value the rookie has to this secondary. Even on the long pass play he gave up, Verrett was in position to make the play and looked to just miss time swiping for the ball.

After the injury, Richard Marshall came in for Verrett, and as you can expect, gave up big plays and committed a penalty. It’s clear that Marshall just doesn’t have the speed or athleticism to keep up with NFL receivers. This is what happens when you lose three of your top four corners.

We will keep a close eye on this injury to see how long it will keep Verrett out. The Chargers need to get healthy in the worst way. They expect Brandon Flowers to return from a concussion, but don’t be surprised if they add a cornerback over the next week.