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Chargers dominated by Broncos, try to murder Jahleel Addae anyway

The San Diego Chargers put one of their players in an extremely dangerous position while being dominated by the Denver Broncos and losing 35-21.

Doug Pensinger

I'm pissed. I'm not pissed because the San Diego Chargers were completely dominated by the best team in the league. I expected that. I'm pissed because Jahleel Addae's life was put at risk in this game by the Chargers trainers and coaching staff.

This was the first play of the game:

Addae makes the hit and immediately collapses like he's been hit by a MAC truck. Yet, he stayed in the game.

Not long after, this happened....

I'm not doctor, but that certainly looks like a seizure. At the very least, it looks like someone who is having some brain issues. It looks like someone who took a big hit in the head while playing with a concussion. Again, Addae stayed in the game.

I was not at the game tonight. I have no idea if he took a concussion test, but I know that Addae wasn't right. Still, until the final minutes of the 4th quarter, with the Chargers having no hope to come back and compete, Jahleel Addae was in there launching himself towards offensive players head-first.

Many Chargers beat writers took to Twitter and compared the situation to Kris Dielman, who was obviously concussed in a game against the Jets and stayed on the field for 10 more plays. Dielman had a seizure on the plane ride back from New York and retired shortly after. The team's training staff took a lot of criticism afterward, especially from the NFLPA.

The story of the game is not that the Chargers are the latest team to be left in Peyton Manning's wake. The story of the game is how the Chargers coaches, trainers, and other players, could allow such a dangerous situation to take place without intervening.

Do the Chargers even care about the health of their players? Would they have cared more about Addae's injuries if he were a starting player? How can a man collapse on the field and then have what appears to be a seizure on national television and not be noticed by anyone working for the team, when it was easily noticed by many fans and media members?

Someone needs to answer questions. This can't happen again. The lives of these players should be more important than trying to win football games.