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PODCAST: Ben Higgins is off battling evil

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Ben Higgins is off fighting crime this week, so John Gennaro is joined by San Diego radio legend Craig Elsten. John and Craig discuss the Chargers loss to the Chiefs, the rash of injuries to the team, how they would “fix” the issues on the team, then they look ahead to the Broncos game and wonder if the Chargers could pull out a win in Denver.

This is Ben Higgins.
This is Ben Higgins.
Kevork Djansezian

No Ben Higgins on the podcast this week, which might have you thinking that this week's podcast is about 50% less great than usual. You'd be wrong, however, because I cranked my charm and energy up to 11 and invited on the almost-as-good-as-Higgins Craig Elsten to be my co-host.

In this podcast, you will get pure misery, then a blueprint for fixing the San Diego Chargers (and some coaching tips for Mike McCoy), and finally more misery as we preview Thursday's game in Denver against the Broncos.

After these podcasts there's usually one point that I wish I made but completely forgot about. This time, that point is just how great the Chargers have been against Peyton Manning for the last decade or so. Just like we should not have been surprised by a close game against the Chiefs or a tough showing by the Raiders against the Chargers, we should not be all that surprised if the Chargers defense befuddles the greatest QB of all time on Thursday. History tells us that it is downright likely.

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Thank you to the underappreciated and underutilized Craig Elsten for pinch-hitting and knocking one out of the park on this one. He's such a swell guy.

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