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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: October 21, 2014

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Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Leslie O'Neal's Honored Name Will Hang Forever - Hayley Elwood
"I remember Leslie when he was a rookie," said former wide receiver Wes Chandler.  "We knew that he would be a great player and a great fit for how we were as a team and an organization. Certainly he proved exactly what we thought both for the Chargers and the National Football League.  I’m more than happy to be here on this particular day to be here for his induction."

Freeney gets his shot at Peyton Manning - Tom Krasovic (UT$)
"It would definitely be great to get after him," Freeney said, via 1360 AM. "He's a great competitor, I'm a great competitor. How many times have I envisioned hitting him during practice, when he had that five-yard halo around him and you couldn't go in that circle? Millions of times. So it would be fun to get after him a little bit."

Quick hits: Oliver, Marshall, drops, 'dogs - Kevin Acee & Michael Gehlken (UT$)
Branden Oliver did not make it three straight games with 100 yards and a touchdown, achieving neither against the Kansas City Chiefs. But in gaining 67 yards on 15 carries, the rookie running back may have had his most consistent day. In his fewest carries in the three-game stretch, Oliver had his most (three) runs of 10 yards or more and his highest percentage (53 percent) of carries of at least four yards.

Week 7 Wrap-up: The Mighty Start Falling - Bill Barnwell
Chargers head coach Mike McCoy had other ideas for his timeouts, though: He decided to use his precious first timeout to ice Santos. Never mind that the empirical evidence for icing is pretty slim. Forget that Rivers really could have used that timeout as part of a game-tying march downfield. McCoy’s timeout in that spot is an exercise in amateur psychology.

ReFo: Chiefs @ Chargers, Week 7 - Rick Drummond
A third rookie to get mention here, Carrethers’ 13 defensive snaps bumped his season total to 44 but the rarely-used nosetackle made an impact in his limited duty this time. On the 10 run plays he saw, Carrethers collected four tackles and three stops, both figures among the week’s leaders for DTs/NTs.