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The San Diego Chargers Must Move On

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The San Diego Chargers suffered their first defeat in six games on Sunday. But with a date with the Denver Broncos looming on Thursday, there is no time for what-ifs.

Kevork Djansezian

The San Diego Chargers improbable 5-game winning streak came to an end on with a 23-20 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday.

Credit the Chiefs for winning the possession battle 39 minutes to 21 minutes for the Chargers.

Credit the Chiefs for limiting Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers to 17 for 31 passing for 205 yards to go along with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Credit the Chiefs for taking advantage of the Chargers inability to tackle on a day that saw K.C convert some timely 3rd and longs.

Oh yeah, and for good measure, credit the football Gods for finally dealing enough injury arrows to impact the game. (I.e. Cornerback Brandon Flowers sustaining a concussion on a freakishly late head contact with Chiefs Running back Jamal Charles. The injury allowed Richard Marshall and his 12-yard cushion to enter the game)

But the Chargers better get past this loss quickly as their Thursday night matchup with their co-AFC West leader Denver Broncos approaches.

"The big thing about all this is that it is a short week so we don't have time to feel sorry about ourselves, Linebacker Dwight Freeney said Sunday. "I know Denver doesn't care. We just have to focus on Denver."

That seemed to be the sentiment from the rest of the team as well.

"Mentally, it'll be good for us because you can't sulk and feel sorry about this game," Rivers said. "And we really shouldn't. Shoot, we should stand up as men and realize where we weren't real good, where we could get better, where are the things we did really well, and get ready to go next week. We know what this thing is. This is a 16-week deal you sign up for, we're here through seven of them. We're in an okay spot; we've just got to keep going."

Injuries in the previous weeks along with Sunday's could mean that San Diego will be short handed in a game so important. Flowers will need to pass the concussion protocol in a hurry, and rookie Cornerback Jason Varrett sat out Sunday's contest with a shoulder injury. (No word if it's the same shoulder that Varrett had surgery on in the offseason). Linebacker Manti Teo is still expected to be out for a few more weeks dealing with an injured toe.

Come Thursday night, injuries will keep some very important players out. But it won't be an excuse for the Chargers.

"We've got a lot of guys banged up again, so we'll see who we're going to have," Safety Eric Weddle said after the game.  "We're going to have 11 guys lined up, and we're going to play our tails off and do the best we can out there and hopefully give ourselves a chance to win and make those plays in the fourth quarter. It's going to be short rest, but this is the schedule, no one is going to feel sorry for us, just like any game throughout the year. We are a no excuses bunch, we man up to our mistakes and we just didn't get it done today."