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Bolts & Dolts: Chargers lose time of possession battle to Chiefs

The San Diego Chargers lost a disappointing home game to the Kansas City Chiefs. Which Chargers players performed above (or below) expectations?

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Kevork Djansezian


Shareece Wright - 8 tackles (7 solo)

It's too bad that Jason Verrett missed the game and Brandon Flowers missed half of it, because Wright basically shut down the other side of the field. His man was thrown at only once and it resulted in a 6 yard gain.

Wright's run defense wasn't bad either. He made a case to keep his starting spot when the other 2/3rds of the San Diego Chargers cornerback group is healthy.

Corey Liuget - 6 tackles (4 solo), 1 defended pass, 1 sack

Not a dominant performance, but Liuget was consistently good in this one. It even appeared that the Kansas City Chiefs were running their plays away from Liuget towards the end of the game.

Nick Novak - 2/2 FGs, 2/2 XPs

This is probably expected of "Nails" Novak at this point, but he was one of the bright spots in an otherwise lousy game.

Mike Scifres - 57 yards per punt


That is what I will remember from this game. The sound of the ball coming off Mike Scifres' foot and how it sounded like a cannon going off.


Offensive Line

Everyone, after the game, wanted to pile on Philip Rivers for playing a "bad game". What I saw was a bad progression towards "bad Rivers", caused by a lack of trust in his offensive line. His happy feet are back, he's waiting to get hit, and he has no faith in the running game.

The team going 3-and-out in the middle of the 3rd quarter is really what killed the Chargers on Sunday, and I place the blame for that series squarely on an offensive line that resembled a wet paper bag.

Eddie Royal - 1 catch (5 targets), 20 rec yds

The raised expectations for Royal from the rest of this season means that he has to go on the Dolts list for this one. I'm not sure why he was running Malcom Floyd's routes, but this was not a good game for Eddie.

Donald Butler - 10 tackles (5 solo)

That is a horrible ratio of assists-to-solo tackles for a LB. That's what you'd expect from a DT. Basically, this means that Butler did a poor job of wrapping guys up. In addition, he was thrown at five times in coverage and gave up 5 catches for 40 yards. Butler is having a terrible season so far and that continued Sunday.

Richard Marshall - 8 tackles (6 solo)

He only had so many tackles because, from the moment he came in for Brandon Flowers, the Kansas City Chiefs targeted Marshall on almost every play. His coverage was bad. His tackling was bad. The angles he took to the play were awful. He was thrown at seven times and yielded 4 catches for 62 yards.

Reggie Walker - 5 tackles (4 solo)

One of my favorite players on the team, but he's on this list for his ridiculously stupid roughing the passer penalty.

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