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San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers named AFC Offensive Player of the Month

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Following his outstanding first four games of the season, Rivers has received the AFC Offensive Player of the Month for September.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers is off to a hot start this year, and nobody else in the AFC is really all that close, except for maybe Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts.

Rivers has completed 96 of 137 pass attempts (70.1%) for 1,155 yards and nine touchdowns. His 114.5 QB Rating leads the NFL, and Pro Football Focus' "pure passer rating" also has El Capitan in the top spot. Rivers is second in the league with a yards-per-attempt average of 8.4. By Football Outsiders' advanced stats, Philip is third in DYAR (386), second in DVOA (31.8%) and third in QBR (82.5).

Rivers is also getting credit for putting up these statistics against three very tough defenses (and the Jaguars). He's also doing it without the aid of a competent interior offensive line (he's on his third center already) or functional running game (Donald Brown and Branden Oliver are no Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead). It's also worth noting that he has a first-year play-caller in Frank Reich, though the results are hard to argue with at this point.

Ricky Henne of quoted Rivers' response to winning:

"It's always appreciated and an honor, but like always, I think it's more of a reflection of the team this month," he said. "It's an honor collectively because as a unit and a team we've put together three really good weeks. From a passing game standpoint, it takes every guy to make it go. The guys up front, the running backs and all the guys getting open in a hurry making tough catches have done that over the last month."

Part of what makes Rivers such a great leader is that despite doing so much with so little, he still feels the need to credit everyone around him with his successes.