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PODCAST: Gennaroly Speaking Chargers/Jets Preview

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John Gennaro took to the airwaves last night to wrap-up the discussion on the Chargers win over the Jaguares before previewing Sunday's game against a tough New York Jets team.

I know what you're thinking, "Wait, your name is John, but you're not John Genarro Gerrano Gennaro. You're a big fat phony!" Well, you're half right. I'm not John Gennaro, but I am posting this in his place because I run BFTB Radio behind the scenes and he asked me to do it. I handle the audio editing, processing, and posting to, so if you have production quality concerns, let me know.

Moving on to the actual product at hand, once again John Gennaro took to the series of tubes to answer your Chargers questions. Topics included recapping the the Jaguars game, discussing all the injuries to the team, can Rivers sustain his superhuman pace, and previewing Rex Ryan's New York Jets as they come to town.

Sit back, put your headphones on, and let all the stress melt all away as John's voice puts you at ease.

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Disclaimer: no pens were hurt in the recording of this podcast.