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Chargers-Chiefs final score: Chiefs beat Chargers 23-20 in San Diego

The San Diego Chargers were thoroughly outplayed for the second consecutive week, but this time it ended in a win for the 3-3 Kansas City Chiefs.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it would appear that this is the San Diego Chargers team that we are stuck with. At least, for now. After a ridiculous number of injuries, especially on the defensive side of the ball, John Pagano is once again struggling to find ways to get his guys off of the field.

The Kansas City Chiefs followed the "Chargers Blueprint" in this one, nearly doubling San Diego's time of possession with a mix of short passes and a strong running game. They also avoided turning the ball over, as did the Chargers (until a late, desperation INT on an awful throw by Philip Rivers).

Despite the Chargers holding a lead at halftime, the third quarter was an absolute trainwreck for them. They possessed the ball for one of fifteen minutes in the quarter, a three-and-out offensive possession sandwiched between a Chiefs FG and a Chiefs TD. The resulting fatigue on San Diego's defense led to a lot of penalties and mistakes, keeping them on the field for even longer.

By time the fourth quarter started, Kansas City had figured out how to stop the Chargers' running game and the San Diego defense was too tired and injured to stop the Chiefs. It was weird to watch the other side of what the Chargers usually do to other teams, better teams, but that's exactly what happened in San Diego today.

The unfortunate news for the team that just lost a game because they were too tired and too injured to compete is that they have to face the best team in the league (probably) in less than 100 hours from now.