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LIVE: KC Chiefs at SD Chargers (First Half)

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The 5-1 San Diego Chargers try to improve their record with a home game against division-rival 2-3 Kansas City Chiefs.

Thearon W. Henderson

"The Brandon Flowers Revenge Game"? Maybe. The San Diego Chargers CB signed with the team in the offseason for the chance to stick it for his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs, twice this year. Now, he'll have his chance.

As for the Chargers, a 6-1 start to the season would be a dream come true for the players and coaches. It's as good of a start as you can hope for in the NFL, and would give them the best record in football. That's a nice goal to have before heading into Denver on Thursday.

My main concern here is exactly that. Could the Chargers maybe be looking ahead to their matchup with the Broncos? Could they be overlooking the Chiefs? It's certainly possible.