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Corey Liuget Designs T-Shirt for Sunday's Game Against the Chiefs

San Diego Chargers' defensive lineman Corey Liuget co-designed a shirt for this Sunday's match-up against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Andy Lyons

Chargers' defensive tackle Corey Liuget co-designed a t-shirt specially for Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Liuget created the shirt with Rivalry Wear, an apparel company that tosses players from rivaling teams into a clothing duel of sorts. Liuget's t-shirt will compete against a design by the Chiefs' Jeff Allen to see whose will sell more. On the Rivalry Wear website, fans bid on the shirt they want to buy, and for every ten bids made on a shirt, the price goes down one dollar for everyone.

Liuget's design boasts a big "KO KC", which I assume means "Knockout Kansas City". Allen's says, "Arrowhead Tailgate Association, Kansas City, MO", which I assume pays homage to an association made up by Jeff Allen.

The story behind the shirt battle extends beyond Sunday's game. Liuget and Allen were college roommates, and teammates, at the University of Illinois, and were in the same recruiting class of 2008. While their shirts go head-to-head, we'll also see Liuget and Allen face-off on the field on Sunday as they play on opposite sides of the ball.

Hopefully Liuget wins both online against Allen, and on the field Sunday with the Chargers.