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The KP Show: What's up with Keenan Allen?

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Kyle Posey breaks down the San Diego Chargers 31-28 win over the Oakland Raiders, previews Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and tries to explain Keenan Allen's sophomore slump.

Tom Szczerbowski

No guest this week, my Chiefs friends and I are in full rivalry mode so it would have just been an hour of us just arguing, so you're stuck with me. I get right into by recapping the Raiders game position by position.

Starting off with Philip Rivers and why he's the MVP. He's been in complete control and we saw that last Sunday and we should see it again versus Kansas City. I move on to the running back situation and make a case for why Branden Oliver belongs, why giving carries to Donald Brown is a bad idea, and the whole running back situation moving forward. Then I try to tackle the question everyone's been asking, what's up with Keenan Allen?

In the trenches, I was very impressed with the offensive line. I wonder if we are starting to see some cohesion as a unit, especially the interior line. As impressive as the offensive line was, the defensive line was just as unimpressive. I blame both the players, for not winning their battles, and the coaching staff for not adjusting.

The secondary played fine, save two big plays. If we're at a point where Brandon Flowers is giving up a touchdown once every 5 games, the team is in good shape. The Jason Verrett love fest continues as I explain his play and am baffled at "NFL experts."

To finish things up I preview the Chiefs game. Kansas city has their version of Ladarius Green in Travis Kelce. Their both superior athletes and both teams don't feature them. The Chiefs not featuring Kelce makes less sense because they don't have the weapons that the Chargers have. Kelce and Charles are the 2 players that can give San Diego legit problems. Up front, I think this is the 1st game where you really miss Melvin Ingram. Simply put, the Chiefs offensive tackles aren't very good. Melvin would have a big impact on this game based how he was playing. So it's up to Dwight Freeney to get back on track as he and Corey Liuget both have favorable matchups.

When San Diego has the ball, there's not much to say. They can keep doing what they're and keep putting points on the board. The Chiefs have 2 stud outside rushing linebackers and I go over those matchups and finish up with a prediction.

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