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BFTB Podcast: Your Favorite Hour Every Week

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John and Ben return for what is everyone’s favorite hour of the week to question whether Chargers fans should be worried following their 31-28 victory over the Oakland Raiders. Then the attention shifts to Branden Oliver’s role on the team after Ryan Mathews returns, why Keenan Allen is in a sophomore slump, and just how good are the Kansas City Chiefs?

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This is, without a doubt, the best episode of the BFTB Podcast that Ben Higgins and myself have put together. Maybe it's because the team is 5-1, or because I actually did a little prep work before hand, but this week's podcast hit on a bunch of fun topics and was informative all the way through.

Ben and I dove into the Chargers 31-28 squeaker of a win over the Raiders and wondered if injuries have finally caught up to the team. Should Chargers fans be worried?

Then we tried to predict the future for Branden Oliver, and how he fit in with Ryan Mathews when San Diego's starting RB returns from injuries, before trying to figure out what is wrong with Keenan Allen.

As per usual, we finished up with a quick preview of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs (about 37 minutes into the podcast) on Sunday and a score prediction. You may be shocked by our predictions this week...

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