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Chargers-Raiders final score: Rookies lead the way for 31-28 Chargers win

Despite facing injuries and a revitalized Raiders team, the San Diego Chargers found a way to win in Oakland with help from a few of their veterans and rookies.

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Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

So much wow. What a game!

I often say that the best teams beat teams they're supposed to beat, and they win when they don't have their A-game. In Oakland, against the Raiders and their new head coach Tony Sparano, the San Diego Chargers were able to accomplish both.

Among a never-ending line of injuries for Mike McCoy's squad, the Chargers were able to find a way to get their fifth consecutive victory. This time, it came on the back of several of their rookies.

Branden Oliver had his second consecutive game with 100+ rushing yards, and added 23 receiving yards to boot. Perhaps most importantly, he didn't turn the ball over a single time. In fact, the Chargers as a team didn't have any turnovers. If they had, the Raiders probably would have won this game.

However, it was Jason Verrett who had the biggest play of the game. With the Raiders in FG range in the final minutes and down just three points, rookie Raiders QB Derek Carr threw a deep pass to what he thought was an open receiver and Verrett jumped in the way, caught the ball, and kept his feet in bounds to record the only turnover of the game.

As per usual, the Raiders beat up the Chargers and played them close in Oakland. This happens more often than not. However, Philip Rivers, Malcom Floyd, Keenan Allen, a handful of rookies, and a crafty coaching staff were able to find a way to win anyway. Next Sunday, they get to return home to face the Kansas City Chiefs.

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