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Fantasy Football Preview: Chargers at Raiders

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John Gennaro tells you which players from Sunday's Chargers/Raiders game you should sit or start on your fantasy football roster.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Start Everyone on the Chargers

Seriously. There's no reason to think that Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd, Keenan Allen, Philip Rivers, or Branden Oliver will have a bad game against this defense except that there won't be enough time or enough balls to go around. All of them are bad matchups for the Raiders.

If you have anyone besides those guys from the Chargers, put them on the bench.

Sit Everyone on the Raiders

This works both ways. Pretty much everyone on the Raiders does not match up well against the Chargers. Maurice Jones-Drew no longer has the strength or speed to create big plays, who knows who is starting at QB, and none of their WRs present problems for Jason Verrett or Brandon Flowers.

As I said earlier this week, the only real offensive threat I think could have an okay game for the Raiders is Darren McFadden, and that's probably more just me worrying about what he's done in the past than anything else.