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Poll: Is Mike McCoy doing a good job or a great job?

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How satisfied are the fans with the job that head coach Mike McCoy is doing in San Diego?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Before the season, I wrote that a late season surge followed by a playoff victory like they did in the 2013 season was nothing new to the Chargers fan base. Also, as painful as it might be to make the comparison, it's nothing Norv Turner didn't do a few times either. That being said this doesn't feel like a Norv Turner team.

It is difficult to empirically evaluate what makes a head coach great compared to another one, mostly because there are so many variables and unknowns. What makes me feel good about McCoy is that the feeling that the Chargers could lose any week to any team is slowly dwindling away. If the Chargers go in to Oakland this weekend and stomp the Raiders, like they very well should, that feeling may completely go away.

Philip Rivers is playing better than ever (even better than under "QB Guru" Turner. The talents of the offense playmakers are being maximized, while the weakness (offensive line) is covered up by a quick passing game. McCoy's coaching career is still very young, but it is certainly trending upward.