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TONIGHT: Gennaroly Speaking at 7pm PT

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Tonight at 7pm PT, John Gennaro takes to the virtual airwaves for an hour of live Q&A regarding the 3-1 San Diego Chargers and their upcoming home game against the 1-3 New York Jets.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Despite last week's afternoon show being a rousing success, we're back in our normally scheduled timeslot for Gennaroly Speaking this week.

Despite the San Diego Chargers being 3-1, and winning their last three games, there is plenty to talk about. The team still has loads of injuries, a bad offensive line, and weaknesses that are being covered up by the Superman-like cape of Philip Rivers.

Also, I intend on doing a bit more of a preview on Sunday's game against the 1-3 New York Jets than I have been doing with previous Chargers opponents. The Jets are interesting, and somewhere between terrible and terrifying, and I'll havea clear picture of how afraid of them San Diego should be once the show begins tonight.

There will be a live open thread during the show where I'll be pulling topics and questions, but put your questions in the comments of this post to have me get to them right at the beginning of tonight's show.