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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: January 4, 2014

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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NFL Weekend Preview, Part 2 - Bill Barnwell
Their defense isn't good enough to stop the Bengals from running the football if the offensive line gets going, and it will take a perfect game from Rivers to win if his offensive line can't keep the Bengals at bay. Then again, it basically required a perfect month from the Chargers (and the teams around them) to get San Diego into the playoffs, and that's exactly what happened, so you would forgive the Chargers for feeling like they shouldn't be counted out right about now.

The Making of a Modern-Day Guru - Chris B. Brown
How Gus Malzahn went from high school defensive coordinator to college offensive mastermind, and took Auburn to the brink of championship glory in the process

Hater's Guide to the Postseason: Cincinnati Bengals - Christmas Ape
Whereas fans of more pathetic franchises, such as Cleveland and Detroit, for the most part have resigned themselves to the bleak despair that defines their existence and even developed a dark sense of humor associated with it, Bengals fans still act like the world owes them something, despite the fact that they reside in the southwestern Ohio/ northern Kentucky hellscape.

3TFO: Chargers @ Bengals, Wild Card Round - Jake Liscow
Outside of the returning linebackers, rookie Manti Te’o has largely struggled inside this season in a two-down role. He’s actually been solid in coverage, but has been criticized for passivity in the running game and has too often found himself blocked out of plays. Alongside Te’o, Donald Butler has graded negatively across the board, and both inside backers have missed 10 tackles on the year.

Chargers prepared for snow in Cincinnati - Eric Williams
San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers is 0-2 in the postseason when the temperature is 32 degrees or lower. Rivers is 1-3 over his 10-year career in cold-weather games. However, Rivers also has 18 touchdown passes in 11 cold-weather games.