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Should Chargers fans be happy with SB Nation's Mock Draft?

Kyle Posey breaks down the players Matthew Fairburn has the Chargers taking in the first two rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft.


SB Nation's lead draft writers have put out their post Senior Bowl Mock Draft. You obviously can't put too much stock into Mock Drafts just yet. Free Agency still hasn't happened, so there still isn't a clear picture on what needs have to be filled. Whether we want to admit it or not, the underwear Olympics known as the NFL Combine & players' personal Pro Days also are a big factor in determining where players go.

It's still an interesting exercise to see how outsiders view the team that you follow. There were a pair of interesting picks that were mocked to the Chargers.

25. San Diego ChargersJason Verrett, Cornerback, TCU

Jason Verrett is our top-ranked cornerback, but he's not going to fit every system because of his size and lack of experience in press coverage. While San Diego showed more physical looks in the secondary this season, it could use a player like Verrett. Despite his lack of size, he's aggressive and anticipates routes better than any corner in this class. The Chargers could find a spot for him

57. San Diego Chargers - David Yankey, Guard, Stanford

David Yankey may be a jack of all trades on the offensive line, but it doesn't seem like he's really mastered anything. The Chargers need some help on the interior of the offensive line, though, and Yankey makes some sense.

It's no secret that the Chargers need help in the secondary. Any metric you look at points to this. Verrett is a very good player; if he was 5'11", he'd be a top 15 lock. Verrett is listed at 5'10", but looks on the smaller side of 5'9". He's had issues this year with bigger, more physical receivers. He just can't get around his height, and it shows up at the worst possible times. In this situation, I'd opt for Ohio State's Bradley Roby (here's my scouting report on him) who is listed at 5'11, but has better long speed, is better in the run game, and an all around better athlete. Roby is going to test incredibly well at the combine.

If the board shook out like this, with some of the better corners off the board, a player that would immediately help the Chargers' pass rush is Auburn's DE/OLB Dee Ford. In my report on him, I noted that he's not great against the run, but he will make an immediate impact as a pass rush specialist. After Dwight Freeney, he would be the best pass rusher on the Chargers. He's very skilled, has an excellent first step, and wins in more ways than just speed.

The second round pick of David Yankey is something I just can't get on board with. Do the Chargers need help on the interior of their offensive line? Absolutely. I think there is just too much value left at the skill positions to draft a guard this high, especially knowing that your offensive line coach, Joe D'Alessandris, can all but turn water into wine.

Depending on who the 1st round pick is, I think Tom Telesco will draft the best CB/pass rusher available. This will give them a chance to develop two players at two premier positions in the NFL. A guy like Louisville's Marcus Smith is someone to keep an eye on as a pass rusher around this pick. At corner, I can't say enough good things about Kyle Fuller, but he'll get knocked for his poor medical history, so you're rolling the dice there. A sleeper pick here is a wide receiver. Telesco said he wants to add more speed on the offensive side of the ball, and while to many there are more obvious needs, the value you'll be able to get at the position at pick 57 is incredible. My sleeper pick would be Fresno State's WR Devante Adams, who coincidentally has a similar skill set to Keenan Allen, but is a better vertical target. He fits the offense to a tee, and if he runs well, could be a target.

I know it's always the right thing to say "best player available" but did he do that last year? D.J. Fluker was deemed as a reach, and OT was a clear need. I said all off season, and few agreed, that ILB was a glaring need, despite 5 ILB's on the team. At WR, the question was when, not if, as far as injuries, so that was a need, too. Then you round it out with a corner and a pass rusher, I'd say Telesco drafted for need last year, and I'd assume that will continue this year. If you look at the first two picks of each draft when Telesco was with the Colts, he drafted for need. With a team in the current situation like the Chargers are, with so many holes, a need is more than likely going to be the best player on the board.