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Open thread: 2014 NFL Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl may be a terrible event, but it's not like you have something better to do today. Chat here while you watch the game and feel bad about football as a sport.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Philip Rivers on one team! Eric Weddle on the other! How exciting! The game kicks off in about 2 hours....I think. The NFL does such a terrible job of marketing this event that it's hard to tell.

Seriously, though....

It would have to be flag football, but who wouldn't pay actual money to watch LeBron James go up against Calvin Johnson on the field? They could even have ridiculous bonuses like extra points that are worth 7 points if you move back to attempt them as 60 yard field goals!

Maybe next year. This year, it's the same old garbage. Watch it, chat about it, tell me why you like it or don't like it.