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2013 San Diego Chargers Review: General Manager

Looking back at his first year as General Manager, just how good was Tom Telesco and what is his vision for the future of the San Diego Chargers roster?


Tom Telesco had two things going into this season that helped him greatly. One, he had patience. He knew he wasn't getting fired in year 1 or year 2. Two, he had belief. Maybe that part came from McCoy, maybe it didn't. However, it was Telesco's (or Mike McCoy's?) belief that this team was very close to being a championship caliber team despite their 7-9 record in 2012 that really helped him. He added pieces in areas that needed help (King Dunlap, D.J. Fluker, Danny Woodhead, Derek Cox, Dwight Freeney) but didn't change the future of the franchise to do it.

After one year, Tom has already ascended to the level that many Chargers fans held A.J. Smith. Well, in the beginning, before it went sour.

Tom's moves in free agency were graded highly when he made them, and turned out even better than expected. Yet, somehow, they were mostly surprises when they happened.

Telesco's draft choices were also applauded, although I stand by my thoughts on the D.J. Fluker pick. Keenan Allen still stands a chance of winning the AP's Rookie of the Year Award, which is incredibly impressive for someone taken in the 3rd round. That alone makes the new GM more successful than the old GM had been the last few years.

I'm also starting to get a feel for where he's going as he builds this team out, and I like it. I really shouldn't be surprised, because it's how the Colts were run when Telesco was there. The interior of the team (offensive line, defensive tackles, middle linebackers, fullbacks) can be slow, but must be mechanically sound because that's where the play will end up. Everyone else should be quick/fast and able to pull off big plays, while still being mechanically sound.

Over the next few years, you'll see less "big" WRs like Malcom Floyd, Danario Alexander, Vincent Jackson, and more speedy guys like Eddie Royal and Keenan Allen. You'll see less "big" CBs like Quentin Jammer, and more speedy guys like Steve Williams. Don't be surprised if Ryan Mathews is eventually replaced with a faster/quicker RB instead of a power RB, and Jarret Johnson will likely not last past his contract.

The idea will end up being pretty basic. A sturdy base to keep the playmakers safe, and the tackles made, and speed outside of that. This team is going to end up being very, very fast on both sides of the ball in a few years, and it will be Mike McCoy's job to keep the level of play high while the roster gets faster. I'm okay with that philosophy from Telesco.