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CBS to Stream AFC Playoffs, Announces TV Crews

CBS Sports will live-stream their NFL Playoff games, and also has announced the television crews for each matchup. BFTB relays the information, as it pertains to the Chargers.

Yes, Chargers fans, I will continue to torture you. MUAHAHAHA.
Yes, Chargers fans, I will continue to torture you. MUAHAHAHA.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

CBS has announced that, for the first time ever, they will be live-streaming their AFC Playoff games on Not only will games be available to watch on your computer, but tablets will be able to watch the stream as well. Super awesome!

From the press release:

For the first time ever, CBS Sports will stream its coverage of the American Football Conference Playoffs on Streaming coverage includes the national broadcasts of the AFC Wild Card Playoff Game on Sunday, Jan. 5, the AFC Divisional Playoff Games on Saturday, Jan. 11 and Sunday, Jan. 12, and the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, Jan. 19. Live streams of CBS Sports’ AFC playoff games will be available to fans on laptops, desktops and tablets at here:

The Chargers

The Chargers could potentially play in three of the four CBS playoff games. Here are the match times and announced television commentators for those games:

AFC Wild Card Game #2: Sunday, Jan. 5

Start time: 10:00 am PST

Matchup: San Diego @ Bengals

TV crew: Jim Nantz/Phil Simms

Ugh...Phil Simms.

AFC Divisional Playoff Game #2: Sunday, Jan. 12

Start time: 1:30 pm PST

Matchup: TBD @ Broncos

TV crew: Jim Nantz/Phil Simms

Ugh...more Phil Simms.

AFC Championship Game: Sunday, Jan. 19

Start time: 12:00 noon PST

Matchup: TBD @ TBD

TV crew: Jim Nantz/Phil Simms

Get used to Phil Simms, Chargers fans.