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Open Thread: NFL Playoffs, Championship Weekend

Chat in the comments of this post about today's AFC and NFC Championship games while watching them.

Jared Wickerham
12:00pm PT - New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

This should be fun. I'm a little bummed out that Rob Gronkowski isn't able to play in this game, because he's always been a pain in the side for the Denver Broncos defense, but it should be fun to watch LeGarrette Blount and the New England Patriots running the ball down the throat of the defense and killing the popular narrative.

The Broncos are a 4-to-5 point favorite, depending on where you're looking, which is about right. I have no issue with that line at all.

3:30pm PT - San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

This game is going to be fun, and should finally answer the question of "Which matters more: Homefield advantage or momentum?" The 49ers haven't lost a game in months and the Seahawks almots never lose games at home. Something has to give, right?

This is also a matchup of (probably) the two best defense in the league, and the two most creative QBs too. Expect lots of big plays from both sides of both teams.

The Seahawks are 3-to-4 point favorites, which is quite low compared to how much they're usually favored by in home games. Can the Niners pull off the impossible and beat Seattle in Seattle?