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San Diego Chargers promote Frank Reich to Offensive Coordinator

Mike McCoy has decided to replace Ken Whinsehunt with Frank Reich, who was previously the Chargers' QB coach but is thought to be ready to be an offensive coordinator.

Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sports

There you have it. Someone else will probably be promoted into Reich's old spot as the team's QB coach, but the offensive staff will stay very similar in 2014. Frank Reich learned from Ken Whinsenhunt, both in San Diego and in Arizona, and likely runs a similar offense.

There are two reasons that this move doesn't make me nervous, despite the fact that Reich has never called plays in his life...

Mike McCoy

McCoy has a long and prestigious track-record as a play-caller. Not only can he help guide Reich along, he can take the reigns whenever he needs to (if he needs to). McCoy and Reich have worked together extensively this season, so they already have quite a bit of experience in building an offensive gameplan together and that should carry over.

Philip Rivers

One of the best things to come out of this very good season for Philip Rivers was that he was freed up to read defenses and call plays at the line of scrimmage. I like the idea that his OC is someone that was already okay with that, and in fact encouraged it, and not someone that will be upset if Rivers is going against the play that is called into the head set.

That trend of getting to the line quickly and calling the right play to take advantage of the defense is one that should continue, and it's not one that will be affected greatly by Reich being the OC instead of Whisenhunt.