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Open Thread: Broncos lead Chargers 14-0 at halftime of Divisional Playoff Game

The San Diego Chargers have been dominated by the Denver Broncos for 30 minutes, but somehow are still within reach of a victory if they can make the right halftime adjustments.

Justin Edmonds

It took a beautiful interception in the end zone by Donald Butler to end the 2nd half, but the San Diego Chargers trail the Denver Broncos by just two scores after playing of of the most lopsided halves of football I've seen all season.

I won't fault the Chargers defense much at all, actually. They've forced two turnovers and could've had another if Shareece Wright were ready to catch a gift-wrapped interception. However, a pass rush and some better tackling wouldn't hurt.

The real problem today has been with the San Diego offense, which plays perfectly into the narrative that Ken Whisenhunt should've spent this week focusing on his gameplan and not job interviews to be the head coach of some other NFL team. The offensive line hasn't been able to protect Philip Rivers, the wide receivers haven't been able to get open, and the running backs haven't been able to do much of anything because their blockers are getting pushed back into them.

Am I afraid? Not really. The Chargers are still playing with house money. Realistically, they shouldn't be here. However, they are, and they are only down two scores at halftime. In addition, they've shown a penchant for making solid adjustments in the locker room and playing better in the 2nd half. This game isn't over yet.

Mike Scifres likely won't be a part of the team's plans in the 2nd half, FGs are almost irrelevant in this gusty wind, and Ryan Mathews could be out with his ankle injury. If Mike McCoy isn't going to use David strategies to start the game, perhaps his roster will be able to force him into it.