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Open Thread: 49ers at Panthers, NFL Playoffs

After watching the higher-seeded favorites win each of first two games of the 2013 NFL Divisional Playoffs, who will win this one? The 49ers, who are the favorites, or the Panthers, who are the higher seed?

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Next Game

San Francisco 49ers
@ Carolina Panthers

Sunday, Jan 12, 2014, 10:05 AM PST
NFC Divisional Playoffs - Bank of America Stadium

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So far, Vegas has been right on the money with their betting lines this weekend. The Patriots blew out the Colts, and the game between the Saints and Seahawks was never that close. That's bad news for the Chargers, who are 10 point underdogs to the Broncos, but good news for people hoping for a good game this morning. This game was a pick-em for most of this week.