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Roster Cuts: San Diego Chargers release 11 players

As they trim their roster down for the upcoming roster cut date, the San Diego Chargers have released 11 players that weren't going to make the team without a miracle occurring.

Steve Dykes

With the first round of roster cuts coming tomorrow, the San Diego Chargers decided to go ahead and get some of it over with early. They released 11 players today, which takes them from 90 players on the roster to 79. They'll need to release 4 more tomorrow.

Here are the 11 guys that got some bad news today:

  • Nick Becton, OT
  • Zach Boren, RB
  • Jake Byrne, TE
  • Brelan Chancellor, WR
  • Adrian Hamilton, LB
  • Micah Hatfield, WR
  • Darryl Johnson, OG
  • Ryan Otten, TE
  • Lowell Rose, DB
  • Chase Tenpenny, P
  • Kerwynn Williams, RB

My sincerest apologies to Lowell Rose. I can't help but feeling like part of his release was caused by me trying to look intelligent earlier today:

As for the rest of them, there are no surprise cuts here. Even with a good preseason (like Jake Byrne was having), none of these guys had much of a chance at making the Chargers' 53-man roster. These were all third and fourth-string players.