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7/31 San Diego Chargers Training Camp Recap

A recap of the day that was down at Chargers Park as the San Diego Chargers continue with training camp to get ready for the 2014 NFL regular season.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

WOOO Steve Williams!

Tick-tock. Brown doesn't just need to perform well now, he needs to make up ground on the other guys that have already been performing well and staying healthy.


Oh, okay.

I liked Marcus Cromartie last year. I may have even picked him as a potential player to make the 53-man. He stands no chance this year, though.

Yes, Tevin Reese is fast. We get it. See him clap in the middle of his route, though? That's because he screwed up. His feet got sloppy and instead of stopping on a dime and heading left, he rounded out the route. He needs to get better at that and he knows it.

JESUS CHRIST. Last night I said on Gennaroly Speaking that people shouldn't be surprised if Kwame Geathers factors into the starting NT spot. Seeing him in this shape, with this I might put my money on him if he learned how to get low over the last year.

They're still bringing Jason Verrett along slowly. My guess is he's starting the season as the nickel.

David Johnson has two speeds: Walking and not walking.