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San Diego Chargers FanFest Meetup

Some of the BFTB staff wants to watch the Chargers practice with you. Please don't bring weapons.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We don't do a ton of meetups. Now that I don't live in San Diego (at least at the moment), they've become even more difficult.

However, I make it a point to be at the yearly San Diego Chargers FanFest and usually an informal meetup happens where I tweet out my seat and some people show up so that we can sit in the shade and enjoy about an hour of practice that I can base all my future judgement about fringe players on.

This year, let's make the thing a little more formal. Practice kicks off at 10:30am. Barring traffic, I'm certain I can make it there by 10. Now, the only question is, where should we meet and who is coming? Answer in the comments and we'll vote with our recs.