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Open Thread: Houston Texans at San Diego Chargers, ESPN MNF, First Half

The San Diego Chargers and Houston Texans are the last teams to play in Week 1 of the 2013 NFL regular season, playing in the second half of ESPN's Monday Night Football doubleheader. Which team will reign supreme?

Bob Levey

Who cares about all of the other teams that have played meaningful football games in the last few days? The San Diego Chargers season begins tonight! Go crazy!

There is so much mystery surrounding the Chargers that anything could happen when they face the Houston Texans tonight, and almost all of the options are good. As long as Mike McCoy's first game as Head Coach in San Diego isn't an embarrassing blowout, fans of the team will continue to be very excited for the rest of the 2013 NFL regular season.

As per usual, I'll be around at half-time for a recap of the first half and to provide you with a fresh, new second half open thread. I'll then be around (maybe a little late because I have to drive home) after the game for a recap post. We'll then spend the next week slicing every play into about twelve different pieces.

It's great to have real Chargers football again.

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