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San Diego Chargers name their 2013 team captains

On the day of their first regular season game, the San Diego Chargers have finally announced their team captains for offense, offensive line, defense, secondary and special teams.


That's probably who we all would've guessed if we had to choose offensive, defensive and special teams captains for the 2013 San Diego Chargers.

I wondered if Reggie Walker, who was the special teams captain for the Arizona Cardinals last year before signing with the Chargers after final cut day this year, would maybe be named special teams captain, but I'm glad to see Darrell Stuckey hang on to it.

More interesting for me, because I'm a nerd in this way, is whether the players begin wearing the captain's "C" on their jerseys or not. That is a relatively new thing, and under Norv Turner the Chargers' captains did not wear them. I've always been a fan of them, I think they're sharp and show a level of respect and honor for those players, so I'll be looking for them at the beginning of tonight's game.

UPDATE: If you look closely, you can see the captains wearing the C on their jerseys during the team's photo day below.

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