In the beginning...there was Brian.

As another season of Chargers football is about to begin - screwing in equal measure with our hearts and minds, I thought it would be opportune to go back to a simpler time to illustrate what is great about Bolts From The Blue.

The following is an excerpt from the first ever article posted on BFTB, in 2008, by the founding manager Brian (DaBolts). The full thread can be found here.

I'm hoping that this becomes the place for fans to gather, discuss, argue, analyze and crack jokes about one of the great NFL franchises. I'm going to provide reasonable analysis on the team, opponents and games (well as reasonable as I can be anyway). I'm also going to post links to the best articles I can dig up on the Chargers and football in general. While trying to avoid being a total 'homer', there can be no doubt that I view things through Bolt colored lenses. This should be a place where all Charger fans can come and have some fun, share what they know and hopefully learn some things along the way.

So - if and when things get too heated, frustrating and/or depressing for us as fans, I hope these words can serve to remind both readers and staff that we are all brothers and sisters under the same powder blue skin, and that a new day will dawn tomorrow, and the sun will shine, and the world will be right again with the next Chargers win.

We should revel in our victories, for there will be losses requiring consolation. We will see great and awful things through our Bolt colored glasses. We will spit and curse at the stupidity of coaches, players, and non Charger fans,

But at the end of the day, it's a game, and as Brian stated, this is a place to have some fun.

I think DaBolts deserves the last word, appropriate in 2008, and (almost) appropriate now:

The Chargers are just oozing talent, they have young enthusiasm, seasoned vets and the best damned running back in football! All right then, are you ready for some football?

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