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San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders could switch home games

Due to the Oakland Athletics' chances of making the postseason, the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are talking about switching the order in which they play each other's home games. Could this make the Chargers' schedule easier?

Doug Pensinger

According to our old friend Scott Bair..

The Raiders may be heading to San Diego sooner than expected. An NFL spokesman said the league and the teams are working on a switch of home dates to accommodate the use of Coliseum by Oakland Athletics during the postseason.


Why did nobody think of this when they were making the schedule? Was it so crazy to think that the Oakland Athletics, who won the AL West division last season, might make the playoffs?

I'm glad to see that there's an easy solution to this (good thing the teams play twice each season), but I feel bad for any Oakland fans that already planned and purchased tickets to fly down to San Diego or vice versa. Do those fans get compensated by the teams in some way?

The proposed switch would have the Raiders travel to San Diego on Oct. 6 and play the Chargers at home on Dec. 22. It would be a straight switch of home dates between the AFC West rivals.

At this point, it's just talk. No formal decisions have been made, so the NFL declined formal comment on the issue.

What would this change for the Chargers? Well, it would mean three consecutive home games in Weeks 4-6. It would also mean consecutive road games, against the Broncos and Raiders, in Weeks 15-16. However, due to playing the Broncos on Thursday night, the Chargers would have ten days off between those two games. I suppose, then, that this should count as a victory for the Chargers and their fans?

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