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Gennaro-ly Speaking: 2013 San Diego Chargers Season Preview

John Gennaro previews the upcoming season, game-by-game, for the San Diego Chargers and tells fans why Philip Rivers could have a bounce-back season in 2013.

Oh, boy. Everyone hates me today. I guess I understand that. I didn't do a great job of explaining myself or how I could possibly pick the San Diego Chargers to finish with a worse record than the Oakland Raiders this year. I didn't explain that I could also see the team finishing with 10 or more wins (although I thought my 49ers post this morning covered part of that) if everything fell their way. Ah, whatever. It doesn't matter.

The 2012 NFL regular season starts tomorrow night, and the Chargers' first game is just a few days away. It's time to give you my predictions, good and bad, for this season. In fact, I'll be going game by game to figure out just how good/bad this season can or will go. It'll be a whole bunch of speculation and not much else. I hope you're ready.

Here's a generic list of things I plan on covering when the show starts (7pm PDT), although your comments (below) will probably end up taking over the show the same way they always do:

  • Philip Rivers vs. Peyton Manning
  • Ryan Mathews and the zone blocking scheme
  • Turning the defense into a strength
  • The "second year slump"

Also, remember that I'll be talking about all of that, and doing a complete game-by-game season preview, while drafting my fantasy football team for the BFTB staff league.

This show is going to be bonkers.