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Tonight on NFL Network: "LaDainian Tomlinson: A Football Life"

If you can get near a TV or a computer tonight, you'll probably want to watch the NFL Network's presentation of "LaDainian Tomlinson: A Football Life".


I was pretty sure I had missed this. I heard Darren Smith and Marty Caswell talking about "LaDainian Tomlinson: A Football Life" last week and it never even crossed my mind that they may have gotten an early copy of it. I suppose they did, because it looks as though the special on the former San Diego Chargers running back and future hall of famer is airing tonight at 6pm PDT.

We'll have an open thread going, so that fans can whine and bitch about how the team should've never let Marty Schottenheimer go, and how A.J. Smith is the actual devil. I'll be chatting along or maybe live-tweeting my thoughts (Warning: My thoughts will either be very sad or very unpopular or both).

What are you most looking forward to seeing in tonight's broadcast? Highlights? Stories about his personal life? Stories about who he was on the field?

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