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Chargers-Cowboys final score: San Diego wins 30-21 to get to 2-2 record

The San Diego Chargers came back from an 8-point halftime deficit to get a 9-point victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Jeff Gross

Holy crap, Philip Rivers is good. He finished Sunday's win with 401 passing yards, completing over 83% of his passes and throwing 3 touchdowns and only 1 interception (a tipped pass). He was fantastic in the second half, keeping the defense off the field and scoring points in dominating fashion.

Danny Woodhead was equally spectacular, touching the ball 10 times for 86 yards and 2 touchdowns. However, the most important part of Rivers' good day was probably Antonio Gates, who caught all 10 of the passes thrown his way for 136 yards and a long touchdown.

The running game was good enough, and Ken Whinsenhunt never abandoned it. The passing game was equal parts conservative and aggressive, and Rivers somehow had enough time to operate behind an offensive line that was mostly made up of hopes and dreams. The offense was consistent, and dominant for long stretches, and the team rode it to victory.

That being said, the defense wasn't horrible. Eric Weddle was everywhere, making plays in ways that we hadn't seen this season. The defense held the Cowboys to mostly short gains, and Crezdon Butler forced a big turnover late in the game at the goal line to keep Dallas off the board for the entire second half.

The San Diego Chargers might be 2-2 after two weeks, but they have looked awfully good against the NFC East and looked solid in losses to the AFC South. What will determine the success of this team this season will be how they match up in six games against teams in their own division. They'll get their first test against the Oakland Raiders next weekend.