BFTB Pick 'Em & Survivor Results - Week 3

Ouch. A pretty tough Week 3 saw a fair share of upset results and a corresponding drop in scoring in our league.

In our first result decided by tie break, BritishBolt narrowly edged out Norn Iron with an underwhelming winning score of 10 out of 16. A copy of the scorecard for our recent Bolts Big Boys league Fantasy Football matchup is on the way to you, BB. Happy reading!

This leaves Scifres Steel Balls leading the league through sheer consistency, closely followed a gaggle of pundits including BritishBolt, aztec4life, BoltUpDK and Lightning and Thunder.

Cumulative results with weekly score in brackets:

Scifres Steel Balls 33-15 (9)

BoltUpDK 32-16 (8)

aztec4life 32-16 (9)

BritishBolt 32-16 (10)

Lightning and Thunder 31-17 (8)

Astro Zombies 30-18 (8)

dwoody3123 30-18 (9)

Norn Iron 30-18 (10)

TLORB 28-20 (8)

KingofSpain 27-21 (7)

Bledderag's Picks 27-21 (6)

NSFB 27-21 (7)

Aussiecharger 27-21 (7)

In it to win it 27-21 (7)

DanishBolt 26-22 (6)

Alworth 19 26-22 (8)

Week 3 of Survivor Island saw a peculiar trend continue of weekly Pick ' Em winners falling by the wayside. BritishBolt and BoltUpDK joined aztec4life as previous winners who could not translate that form to the relatively simple task of picking a single winning team.

They, Norn Iron, and Gotta Pick Em All climbed about the Viking longboat as it sunk at the hands of Cleveland.

Don't forget to get all your entries in before the Thursday game. Good Luck and Go Bolts!

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