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Open Thread: San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans, 2nd Half

The San Diego Chargers are tied with the Tennessee Titans, 10-10, at halftime of an ugly game from both teams.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Well, at least that started nicely enough. The San Diego Chargers offense and defense looked strong to start the game, and the Tennessee Titans didn't look to be taking advantage of all of the injuries that San Diego is dealing with.

Then, Jake Locker started running. The Titans QB has completely thrown off the Chargers' defensive game plan by running for 56 yards and a TD any time he faced pressure from San Diego's pass rush. That's also brought up the secondary, allowing for Locker to find more open receivers downfield.

The trouble with the defense translated into trouble with the offense, which has sputtered without D.J. Fluker and Chad Rinehart (who left early due to injury), and special teams, which ended the half with a blocked Nick Novak FG.

This is an excellent early test for the new Chargers coaching staff. How will they adjust? Their team is missing plenty of starters, they're on the road, playing at a time slot they're not used to and they have to account for Jake Locker being accurate all of a sudden. How will they get a pass rush without giving up big runs? How will they get the offense back on track? Let's find out.