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The San Diego Chargers will lose to the Tennessee Titans

As per usual, we provide fans of the San Diego Chargers with three reasons to be pessimistic about the team's chances in the upcoming game. This week, they travel to Tennessee to face the Titans.

Sam Greenwood

10am start time

It has been statistically proven that teams in Pacific Time Zone have a distinct disadvantage when playing road games in the Eastern Time Zone. Going against the AFC South and NFC East this season means plenty of early games in the Eastern time zone for the 2013 San Diego Chargers. This will be the first of two instances this year where the Bolts will have to play 10 a.m. PT games in the Eastern time zone in consecutive weeks.

Make no mistake about it, the Chargers could be significantly better than the Tennessee Titans and it would still be surprising if they won simply because it would mean that they won back-to-back games in the Eastern time zone.

Kenny Britt

As of this week, Kenny Britt is auditioning for a big contract from another team next year:

Britt has had some trouble staying healthy, and he's seen his once-great stats take a turn for the worse with Jake Locker at QB. However, Locker still has a big arm and the Chargers secondary still has a big glaring weakness in preventing deep passes.

I'm looking for the Titans to try and get their running game going, to the point where Locker can turn a play-action fake into a bomb downfield to a streaking Kenny Britt. Even if that doesn't happen, expect Britt to get a lot of targets because it appears that Kendall Wright is going to miss this game with a concussion.

Kenny is a big-play threat from anywhere on the field, and now he has a fire lit under his butt. Uh oh.

D.J. Fluker

I would be surprised, and a little worried, if D.J. Fluker played on Sunday after being diagnosed with a concussion after Wednesday's Chargers practice. This is when it's time to start worrying about the Chargers lack of depth.

Philip Rivers, fixed or not, operates much better with a balanced offense. Fluker has not only looked like San Diego's best run blocker, he's looked like the key to the entire running game and Mike Harris filling in doesn't make anyone feel better about the situation.

Worst case scenario for the Chargers is that Fluker's absence leads to a struggling running game, which leads to more pressure on the passing game and Rivers ends up with happy feet in the pocket as defensive ends pin their ears back and come straight for him.

We always knew the offensive line was one injury away from being scary once again, we just hoped it wouldn't come so soon.

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