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Five Titans Questions with Music City Miracles

In preparation of Sunday's game between the San Diego Chargers and the Tennessee Titans, I asked Jimmy Morris from Music City Miracles to answer five questions of mine. Then I asked him six because I'm bad at math.

Cop speed.
Cop speed.
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Thank you, Jimmy, for taking part and educating us.

John Gennaro: It would appear that the Titans are still the Titans, and that the early-season success has come on the back of a strong defense and strong running game. Has Chance Warmack made that much of a difference or did something else happen to improve the offensive line?

Jimmy Morris: Warmack has been good, but they also added Andy Levitre in free agency. The interior of the offensive line was the main focus this offseason. They have upgraded it in a major way, and Chris Johnson will see the benefits from that all season long.

JG: What is the biggest weakness of the Titans' defense this season?

JM: They haven't shown that many weaknesses thus far, but it is only a matter of time before somebody exposes these safeties in coverage. You will remember from last season when some tight end that no one has ever heard of scored 3 touchdowns. Michael Griffin has a propensity for biting on play fakes and losing tight ends. Bernard Pollard is a good enforcer, but he is a step slow in coverage at this point in his career.

JG: Tennessee needed two turnovers to beat the Steelers (who look terrible) in Week 1, and two turnovers to take the Texans to overtime in Week 2. How can they beat the Chargers if San Diego can avoid turning the ball over?

JM: They can win this game if they take care of the football. This is not the same Titans team that you saw last season. The offense has struggled early on, but they have also faced two of the better defenses in the league.

Also, the defense forced those turnovers, and there is no reason to believe they won't be able to do it again this week.

JG: Chris Johnson's yards per carry are down (3.3), but his carries per game (25) are way up. How long can he avoid injury with this workload?

JM: The only time CJ has ever been injured was when the Ravens put a hit out on him in the playoff game his rookie year, and it isn't like this is the first time he has had a heavy workload.

With that being said, they will take carries off of him when Shonn Greene returns from his injury in a couple of weeks.

JG: Jake Locker still looks like an inaccurate QB (and he's still completing just 56% of his passes), but the Titans coaches have found a way to turn him into a "game manager" and eliminate the turnovers. How have they done it?

JM: He is making good decisions this season. So while some of his passes are still off the mark, they aren't going to dangerous places.

JG: Bonus question.Titans fans are okay with Gregg Williams coming in? Nobody finds it odd that their defense looks significantly better since he signed on to be a part of the coaching staff?

JM: I don't know what that questions is supposed to mean. Gregg Williams did his time, and of course the defense looks better with him here. He is a good football coach.