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San Diego Chargers release Richard Goodman, sign four to practice squad

Richard Goodman's time with the San Diego Chargers is over. He's been released to make room on the roster for Reggie Walker. Who will return kicks for the team now?


The San Diego Chargers have officially added LB Reggie Walker to the roster, meaning someone had to come off to make room. That person ended up being Richard Goodman, who was the team's sixth WR and top kick returner for the past few seasons.

In addition, the Chargers have added four more guys to their practice squad:

  • Jake Byrne, TE, Wisconsin
  • Toney Clemons, WR, Colorado
  • Will Pericak, DE, Colorado
  • Kenny Wiggins, T, Fresno State

Those four join Thomas Keiser, Nick Becton and Marcus Cromartie, leaving just one open spot on San Diego's practice squad.

Byrne went undrafted last year, but spent the year with the Houston Texans. Clemons was drafted in the seventh round by the Steelers last year, but was released and spent the year with the Jaguars. Pericak is a rookie that spent training camp with the Baltimore Ravens, and Wiggins is a third-year player that has spent the previous two seasons with the Ravens and 49ers, respectively.

Goodman looked to be on the chopping block through all of the preseason, so his release isn't much of a surprise. What is a surprise is that the team doesn't really have anyone left on the roster that returned kicks regularly during the preseason. I expect Fozzy Whittaker to be the one to take over that role, with Keenan Allen holding down the fort as the team's punt returner.

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