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San Diego Chargers RT D.J. Fluker could miss game against Tennessee Titans

D.J. Fluker was diagnosed with a concussion following the Chargers' practice on Wednesday, sitting our Thursday's practice. Will he be ready to face the Titans on Sunday?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that's not good. Can't imagine the league would be cool with a player playing, especially along the offensive line (where your helmet is constantly being smashed into a defensive lineman's helmet), four days after getting a concussion. The unofficial rule that most teams have been playing by is that a diagnosed concussion means the player gets a game/week off.

D.J. Fluker is a very important part of the San Diego Chargers offense and their gameplan against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. Mike Harris is the only backup offensive tackle on the roster, so he would likely get the start if Fluker can't go.

Another thing to consider here is that Fluker is a rookie, and the Chargers have a lot invested in his future. It makes sense for them to sit him out as a precautionary measure, because one game does not matter more than D.J.'s entire career.