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TONIGHT: Football Outsiders' Tom Gower joins "Gennaro-ly Speaking"

Gennaro-ly Speaking returns tonight to broadcast live from 7pm PDT to roughly 8pm PDT. John Gennaro will be joined by Tom Gower from Football Outsiders, and together they'll break down the San Diego Chargers upcoming game against the Tennessee Titans.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After taking a week off (due to the flu), Gennaro-ly Speaking returns tonight to talk about the week that was and the upcoming game for the San Diego Chargers.

Joining us this week, for at least part of the show, will be Tom Gower from Football Outsiders. Tom was responsible for writing up the Chargers' portion of the Football Outsiders Almanac for the last few years, but moved over to cover the Tennessee Titans for this year's almanac. That makes Tom uniquely qualified to help me preview Sunday's game.

The show will kick off tonight at 7pm PDT, which should be right around halftime of the Chiefs/Eagles game, and Tom should be joining us right at the start of the show.. Please put your questions for Tom (or me) in the comments below.

Make sure to tune in live (what else are you going to do, watch the Thursday Night Football halftime show?) so that you can follow along with the conversation in the comments.

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