BFTB Pick 'Em & Survivor Results - Week 2

It's a hearty Well Done this week to aztec4life, who became winner4week by notching an impressive 13 out of 16 correct selections. Their only incorrect selections were the Jets (wut), Eagles (doh) and Panthers. You're the lucky winner of a years supply of Vegemite. Happy eating.

Honorable mentions go to British Bolt, Lightning And Thunder, and Scifres Steel Balls with 12 each.

Dishonorable mention to me who displayed great stupidity loyalty by selecting the enemies of our enemies, and hoping Dallas and the Giants could do the Chargers a favour. It was not to be. I did notice I was the only one to tip against Denver. Well done, Chargers fans.

This all leaves Scifres Steel Balls and Bolt Up DK narrowly leading the pack.

Cumulative results with weekly score in brackets:

Scifres Steel Balls 24-8 (12)

BoltUpDK 24-8 (11)

aztec4life 23-9 (13)

Lightning and Thunder 23-9 (12)

BritishBolt 22-10 (12)

Astro Zombies 22-10 (11)

Bledderag's Picks 21-11 (11)

dwoody3123 21-11 (11)

KingofSpain 20-12 (11)

DanishBolt 20-12 (11)

NSFB 20-12 (11)

Aussiecharger 20-12 (11)

In it to win it 20-12 (11)

Norn Iron 20-12 (11)

TLORB 20-12 (10)

Lighting Bolts 18-14 (10)

Alworth 19 18-14 (9)

The Survivor pool saw several narrow escapes, thanks to last minute wins from the Bears and Texans. The names of the fortunate survivors are too many to publish, but you know who you are. Try not to be so silly next time.

Aztec4life had a mixed week, being the only player to fall overboard in Survivor, with a dreaded No Entry.

Don't repeat this rookie error and get your entry in before the first game each week.

Good luck and Go Bolts!

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