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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: September 17, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Radio Interview with Philip Rivers - Darren Smith
Philip Rivers on no one giving the Chargers a chance, the performance of Eddie Royal & the oline & the final drive of the game.

Radio Interview with LaDainian Tomlinson - Darren Smith
LT on observations on Chargers win in Philly, Rivers confidence, Ryan Mathews fumbling issues & how they matchup vs the Titans.

Five Lessons from the Eagles Game - Ricky Henne
Rivers was sacked early in the first quarter but after that, the offensive line kept its’ quarterback upright the rest of the game. The result, a 416 yard, three touchdown day for number 17 who finished with 36 completions and a 124.3 passer rating.

With Neck Sprain, Floyd Unlikely for Titans - Ricky Henne
"I’ll start off by first saying it was great to have Malcom come back with us on the team plane last night. It’s unlikely he’ll play this week. They’re going to continue to do some tests on him throughout the week just to make sure we’re doing everything the right way. But it was great to have him back on the plane. You talk about the type of guy he is, the first thing when you talk to him, he says, ‘Gosh, I should have caught the ball.’ That’s Malcom for you. So he’s in good spirits and he’s working on getting his way back as soon as he can."

Nick Novak: "There’s No Better Feeling than That" - Ricky Henne
Eric Weddle also emphasized how winning was that much sweeter having a guy like Novak drill the field goal. "I’m not going to lie, especially for Nick being through his career and what he’s been through, he’s at a place where we adore him and love him," he said. "To win a game like that, it was great."