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Tweet Roundup: San Diego Chargers win against the Philadelphia Eagles

A collection of the best tweets that were tweeted during the San Diego Chargers 33-30 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sundy

Patrick Smith

Boy, how things can change in a week, huh? So much for all that doom and gloom. It's probably waiting right around the corner for us - but I'm going to savor this one until then. You folks on Twitter certainly didn't have any shortage of things to say about this win, so I've tried my best to capture some of the best tweets from the game.

In the future, we're going to steal a play out of the book of our contemporaries at PadresPublic. So if you want to see yourself here in the future, use the hashtag #BFTBLive at the end of all your tweets during the games from now on. That way, I won't miss out on your cleverness and insight - and the BFTB community won't miss out either.

Here we go. Let's see what some of you had to say.