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Malcom Floyd injury: San Diego Chargers WR leaves Eagles game with neck injury

San Diego Chargers fans await word on WR Malcom Floyd, who left Sunday's game on a stretcher with what appeared to be a pretty severe neck injury.

Rich Schultz

In the first play of the third quarter, Philip Rivers threw a pass to Malcom Floyd. Floyd got the ball in his hands and immediately had a defender on his back. He tried to fall to the ground, lowering his head before getting hit by DeMeco Ryans. The hit seemed to compress Floyd's neck, and he ended up being taken off the field on a stretcher and taken to a local hospital.

Here is everything we know so far...

It was a really tough scene to watch, and although I hoped for a thumbs up from the longtime Chargers WR, there was none. The team completed the drive, going downfield and scoring a touchdown to give them a 20-10 lead.