BFTB Pick 'Em & Survivor Results - Week 1

It's pastries on the house as our Danish friend, BoltUpDK takes out the opening week in this season's Pick ' Em league with a highly credible score of 13 out of 16. A personally signed wombat hat is on the way to you, Sir.

Following close behind was Scifres Steel Balls (12) Lightning and Thunder (11) and Astro Zombies (11). Trailing the field but still very much in contention at this early stage is Lightning Bolts (8).

Full Results:

BoltUpDK 13-3

Scifres Steel Balls 12-4

Lightning and Thunder 11-5

Astro Zombies 11-5

Bledderag's Picks 10-6

Tim Tebows QB coach 10-6

dwoody3123 10-6

BritishBolt 10-6

aztec4life 10-6

TLORB 10-6

In it to win it 9-7

DanishBolt 9-7

Alworth 19 9-7

NSFB 9-7

Norn Iron 9-7

KingofSpain 9-7

Aussiecharger 9-7

Lighting Bolts 8-8

The BFTB Survivor pool saw most competitors spared immediate embarrassment with the Colts squeaking past the Raiders. Aussiecharger, Alworth19, and aztec4life chose different heart attacks with the Patriots and Rams respectively.

Still voted off the island however were:

Jesus' Clipboard - Pittsburgh

Lightning and Thunder - the dreaded No Entry.

Don't forget to get those entries in for Week 2 and hold your breath as your highly favoured team lines up a field goal attempt in the dying seconds to save your reputation. Good luck!

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