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What is the San Diego Chargers biggest strength in 2013?

Which position group is the strongest on the San Diego Chargers 2013 roster? Let's vote and find out.

Harry How

Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was told to write about the San Diego Chargers strongest position group. I thought, "That'll be easy. It's the....umm....well, maybe the Wide Reci....not anymore. Hmmmm."

So, I thought we'd do a vote. Here's are my candidates and why:

Tight Ends: This group is solid. They have the future Hall of Famer in Antonio Gates, they have a solid blocker/all-around TE in John Phillips and they have the project/receiving TE in Ladarius Green. Throw Dallas Walker into the mix and this group couldn't be much better.

Running Backs: It's preseason, which means I'm talking myself back into Ryan Mathews and falling in love with this group. Mathews still has crazy potential, Ronnie Brown is solid, Danny Woodhead is the perfect Running Back for this offense and Fozzy Whittaker is nearly as talented and his name is awesome.

Defensive Line: The only real concern here is depth. Corey Liuget is a stud, Kendall Reyes is hoping to make a jump similar to what Liuget did in his second season and Cam Thomas seems to have grown into the "1st round talent" that many thought he was before sliding in the 2010 NFL Draft. After those three, there's.....ummm.... Let's move on.

Linebackers: Again, lots of talent at the top. Donald Butler and Manti Te'o look like rocks in the middle. Jarret Johnson is good against the run and Dwight Freeney looked like a beast last night. Add in Melvin Ingram and D.J. Smith and this group is a favorite to win, but neither of them are real healthy at the moment.

Wide Receivers: This probably would've been my pick before Danario Alexander's torn ACL. Vincent Brown's hamstring isn't helping matters much either. I think this group depends on if you think Robert Meachem can be fixed.

So, which of these five position groups is the Chargers' biggest strength this season?

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